Rheem China hosts a grand opening for its R&D Center and Innovation Learning Center

September 28 16:09 2020

The grand opening of Rheem China’s R&D Center and Innovation Learning Center (ILC) was held in Chengdu on Sep 22 and 23. Yang Jinhua (Director of the Traffic Administration Bureau in Xindu), Wu Qian (GM of The American Chamber of Commerce in Southwest China) and all Rheem China executives and employees attended the ceremony, along with nearly 200 distributors from all over the country.

At the beginning of the event, Steve Li (General Manager of Rheem China) expressed his warm welcome and gratitude to all the guests and distributors, and he shared with them his happiness for the grand opening. He also stressed his firm confidence in the future development of Rheem China.

The launch ceremony kicked off with great momentum. Steve Li, Yang Jinhua, Wen Yong (R&D DGM of Rheem China), other valued guests, and Rheem China executives pressed their handprints together onto an interactive screen, bringing the whole ceremony to its climax.


In a tree planting activity called “Together, Make It Happen”, Steve Li invited distinguished distributors to plant the trees of cooperation and express their wish to “take root and grow together with Rheem China”.

Afterwards, all distributors visited the exhibit hall, the ILC, the R&D Center, and the manufacturing center. As they experienced firsthand the cultural concept of the Rheem brand, its advanced equipment, and its innovative technologies, they looked forward to growing together with Rheem China in the future.

Rheem is a unique company

At the distributors’ conference, Rich Bendure (President of Rheem’s global water business) joined the meeting via video to share his personal greetings, and he also commented on the Rheem Brand and strategy. “Rheem is a unique company. Rheem is quickly approaching its 100 year anniversary in 2025. We are a privately held company, owned by the fourth generation of the founder’s family, and employs over 10,000 employees around the world. We have no financial debt. Rheem globally is in two main businesses, water heating and HVAC. We are one of the largest producers in the world and manufacturing over 6M units per year. We are also the only water heating company that is represented in a significant way across every continent in Asia, Australasia, Europe, Latin America, and North America. We have 11 water business units, 10 R&D centers, and 14 manufacturing centers across all of these geographies. If we are present in all these markets, we can choose the best technologies to share and leverage to each of our businesses.”

Rheem is a value-driven company. Our values represent the operating principles that guide our conduct with employees, customers, society, and shareholders.

China is a very important market for Rheem

Rich emphasized that “China is a very important market for several reasons. It is large, there is a strong and growing expectation from the end users for quality and value, and there is an opportunity for innovation.”

“We’ve invested the most in Rheem China over the past year than we have in the past decade. All of this even in a pandemic that resulted in a market contraction. Investments across the board in R&D, Manufacturing, Marketing, and Sales. And we continue to invest in 2021 for this new chapter of Rheem China. My expectations are high that we will listen even more to the market, the customer, and our partners. That our offerings and our service will be improved. That we will tell our story in a way that resonates and remains true to our philosophy, history, and our brands.”

Later, Steve Li shared his insights into the current situation of the Chinese market. He then talked about Rheem’s China Strategy, consisting of Invest to Grow, Innovate to Lead, and Deliver on Commitments, for cultivating the company’s development in the Chinese market. In addition, Steve Li introduced its China Transformation Plan for sustaining growth in 4 dimensions: channels, products, operations, and organization.


New product releases

“The company was founded on the principle of innovation, and today it continues to be our growth engine,” said Rich. With the opening of its R&D Center, Rheem China will create its core competitiveness through all-round innovation. The company will strengthen local products manufacturing and design, as well as enhance R&D capability in China. Through product innovation, Rheem China will pursue market segments including combi boilers, residential heat pumps, and commercial water heaters.

Taking this opportunity, Rheem China also held a meeting for new product releases. The R&D team launched upgraded technologies for electric water heaters, heat pump water heaters, residential gas water heaters, and commercial water heaters. Among 16 new products with high efficiency were the Triton Plus commercial outdoor condensing gas storage water heater, the Xclusive residential condensing gas combi boiler, and the Emax instant electric water heater. All the distributors were very excited about the new products and impressed by the powerful R&D ability and innovative technology of Rheem China.


Your success should be our success.

“Your success should be our success,” Rich said. “And a customer only opens their wallet when he feels that there is superior value – how they define it – in the solutions, products, and support that we bring.” Rheem established its ILC in China to offer professional training courses that will help dealers, partners, and staff to deeply understand the company’s products and services, as well as to ensure the value of Rheem solutions is understood.

In addition, Steve Li also expressed what he expected from distributors: that they will support the development of exclusive customers and focus on the construction of retail outlets. That they trust our brand, with an emphasis on selling premium products. That they take care of the customer experience. That they value talent and strengthen our organization. At last, Steve Li called for joint efforts to work together for a better future.

“As we have grown, and our success has helped others, in turn our channel partners and dealers have awarded us more share. We have pushed each other for higher expectations and performance, and at the same time done that in an environment of trust,” said Rich. The distributors at the scene said that they feel at home in Rheem China and they were impressed by the brand new factory and the innovative technology. The distributors were confident about the future and indicated that they would continue to expand channels and increase store investments in order to bring Rheem products to the market.

Steve Li believes that with great investment from the Rheem group, the full support of our partners, and the joint effort of our teams, the future of Rheem China will be brilliant.

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