The Three Bears, a story of youth entrepreneurship and life lessons

September 29 02:54 2020
How Three Bears Lawn Care went from zero to full-time in just 21 days

Hayward, Wis. – Three Bears Lawn Care was non-existent this time last year.   After schools closed down mid-March, kids were homebound with parents and families.  They were left with very little to do outside of homework packets and playing outside. After all, it was mid-March and it was still very cold outside with little to no snow.  A father, daughter and son went to the drawing board and started thinking up different things they could do together while they had all of this free time.  After ruling out skydiving and driving to southern Florida for warmer temps and sandy beaches; Curtis DeCora and his two children, Kendal DeCora and Adel Amparo settled on starting a business together.

DeCora and family mapped out the very steps needed to start a small business in Hayward Wisconsin during a global pandemic.  The question became, “What can two kids, aged 12 and 10 do with minimal risk that others would pay us to do?”  After brainstorming, they settled on lawn care.  Nothing was more fitting than the Three Bears; Dad, brother and sister.  So, it began, Three Bears Lawn Care. 

The Three Bears, a story of youth entrepreneurship and life lessons

Dad, a local entrepreneur and digital marketing specialist, quickly took to designing a website, creating a Facebook page, and running campaigns to generate lawn care clients. 

Without a budget, start up funds, or investors, Three Bears Lawn Care took to a local rental equipment company to rent the essentials.  They rented a zero turn lawn mower, push mowers and weed eaters.  Every week they made enough to cover the rental fees, pay each other, and store away 50% in profits for future investment. 

Just 21 days later, Three Bears Lawn Care purchased a truck, trailer, lawn tractor, zero turn, two push mowers, and three weed eaters.  This allowed Three Bears to save tremendous amounts knowing they no longer have to pay rental fees on equipment.

To learn more about Three Bears Lawn Care, you can visit, or find them on Facebook. .

Three Bears Lawn Care is a lawn care service in Hayward Wisconsin, owned and operated by a trio of father, daughter, and son.  Kendal, age 12, and Adel, age 10, had learned many life lessons related to responsibility of caring for and cleaning of equipment, customer service, the importance of scheduling and budgeting of time, as well as managing personal finances. 

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