Bright Prospects of Zoom and WIMI’s Real-Time Hologram AR Technology in Remote Video Conferencing

September 29 10:28 2020

Video conferencing software developer Zoom was undoubtedly the big winner during the COVID-19 epidemic. Its share price has risen by 569% this year, and its market value has risen to $129 billion. This means that the market value of the company which has only been established for only nine years, has surpassed that of IBM, the veteran tech giant, and twice as much as VMware, the cloud software developer.

Not long ago, Zoom demonstrated its new augmented reality features. Users can now join the 3D virtual scenes and view the virtual scenes without special hardware, but the presenter must wear an AR HMD. The Zoom augmented reality function will only support Meta at first and will support more devices in the future.

As 5G technology pave the way for the continuous development of AR/VR technology, its data transmission, and screen display effects will be greatly improved. As the data flow transmission speed continues to accelerate, the overall scale of data has increased unprecedentedly, and the transmission rate also increased dramatically. The arrival of 5G is bound to greatly help the popularization of AR and AR technology application, and further narrow the boundary between virtual and reality. Meanwhile, the AR/VR devices powered by 5G will also penetrate all areas of life.

Each iteration of communication technology will bring fundamental changes to the transmission method, and 5G is the turning point of AR applications. The development and application of the 5G network will bring great benefits to the performance and use of AR products.

With the change of 5G holographic communication network bandwidth conditions, the 5G holographic application market will usher in an explosion. High-end applications, such as holographic interactive entertainment and holographic conferences, will gradually become popular in holographic social networking, holographic communication, holographic navigation, holographic family applications, and other directions. WIMI plans to use holographic AI face recognition technology and holographic AI face changing technology as its core technologies, and support holographic cloud platform services and 5G communication holographic applications with multiple technologically innovative systems.

The advantages of WIMI’s AR+ live broadcast is obvious. It can simulate any scene and reflect the usage conditions of the product in different real environments. It can show more complex products, allowing the audience to understand the internal structure and product details more intuitively. It breaks through the personnel limit, and at the same time, it can target the crowd for live broadcast and precise delivery, so as to have a wider publicity effect. Its online interactivity is stronger, and guests and fans can interact during the live broadcast, their questions will be screened and answered in real time as well.

Based on its mature visual design team, WIMI has deeply excavated the AR live broadcast technology and officially launched the AR live broadcast business, enriching its business structure, providing more services to customers, solving customer problems, covering multiple industries and fields.

The WIMI holographic AR + live broadcast system, is through the AR holographic technology, allowing the audience to watch the holographic characters or scenes in reality with the naked eye, and the user experience can be described as stunning. WIMI will combine the holographic technology with the entertainment mode, and the movie viewer can become a character in the movie/stage, involved in the environment and plot of the movie/stage in advance, so that the viewer can feel like a member of the movie/stage.

With the development of 5G and AR/VR technologies, the interactive experience is increasingly favored by the public in the field of video and games. This fresh “plug in” experience may be a revelation for many industries, and the use of new models to present content to the masse may have unexpected effects.

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