Author Richard H. Shriver Gives an Inside Look at What the Cold War was Like Behind the Scenes in “Glimpses of an Uncharted Life”

May 06 19:13 2021

What was life like in the U.S. government when the tensions with the Soviet Union were at their highest? Check out “Glimpses of an Uncharted Life” and see.

Moving from being a successful businessman to working inside the Secretary of Defense’s office at the height of the Cold War, Richard H. Shriver has seen things that would shock and surprise many. His biography “Glimpses of an Uncharted Life” tells this story and more. This extraordinary book is being promoted by Author’s Tranquility Press and is available in paperback, hardcover, and Kindle editions on The book was released in 2017, but its message is particularly powerful today.

“I lived overseas for 15 years and saw what people faced living under communism and in countries recovering from dictatorships,” commented Shriver. “Seeing this first hand has a big impact on someone’s life. I am happy to be able to share that experience with readers. It’s not something that should be forgotten.”

According to Shriver, “Glimpses of an Unchained Life” is broken down into three parts. The first, “Foreign Affairs,” looks at life in the early days of the Cold War. Next, “Domestic Affairs” dives into his life inside the federal government along with local affairs in Connecticut. Lastly, “Tapering Off” reflects the difficulties of coping with nothing important to do after five decades packed with responsibilities and adventure, as Shriver caromed from one volunteer or part-time activity to another.

Reviews for the biography have been quite enthusiastic.

Robert G. remarked in a five-star review, “This is a very interesting, entertaining and informative book written by a remarkable person I have known for 50 years. I highly recommend it for those interested in learning firsthand about the former USSR, the Middle East, our government and how it works, and much more. The events are written in a candid no holds barred way and are the result of direct knowledge from a person who has worked both inside and outside of Washington.”

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